“I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your support and wonderful testimonials.”
– Arash Sarabi, D.C.

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“My family physician referred me to Dr. Sarabi for my chronic lower back pain. The pain in my back is now completely gone…”

– Katherine C.

“I have been to physical therapy before for the same condition but they said I couldn’t get any better. After only a few weeks with Dr. Sarabi I am almost completely pain free.”

– Linda M.

“I was in an auto accident last month and after my 1st treatment I felt better. Dr. Sarabi is terrific and I recommend everyone. I am completely free of pain and thank him. He gets 5 stars from me!!!!!!!!!”

– Talisha H.

“Dr. Sarabi has studied and knows so well the human anatomy that he fixed my muscle issues when no one else could.  He is truly a genius when it comes to understanding muscular and skeletal problems. I highly recommend him.”

– Robbie R.

“I am an HR professional and I spend a lot of time at a computer every day… I was having some numbness and pain in my arm, neck, and hand. I was so thankful to have Arash Sarabi as a chiropractor because not only did the therapy relieve my symptoms, but he also helped me identify causes and regular practices to prevent a recurrence! I highly recommend him, as he is kind and effective!

– Carey W.

“My husband needed a chiropractor urgently for his sciatica. We checked around with our friends to see which practitioners were the best, and several people pointed us to Dr. Sarabi. Even with my husband’s challenging work schedule Dr. Sarabi made time to see him, and his treatment is going so well that he has returned to work and is pain free. My husband works with doctors everyday and knows a good one. He says Dr. Sarabi is a ‘doctor’s doctor’.”

– Willa G.

“I’ve been to several chiropractors in the DC area and Arash Sarabi at Metro is by far the best — he spends the most time with me and thinks holistically about how to improve my health. I would recommend him to ANYONE but especially to those who have never seen a chiropractor or those who were disappointed with their last chiropractor. He goes much farther than the extra mile and has clinic hours designed around his patients’ needs. I’ve been seeing him for more than seven years and I swear by him.”

– Alcora W.

“I’m a very active person. I love soccer and I always want to play soccer. One fine day I was on the soccer field and I did some kind of acrobat to control the soccer ball after that moment my back was started hurting so bad and I was not able move or walk. It was so painful and I was confused. I didn’t know what to do and where to go.

I called Dr. Sarabi, Explained my situation. I asked me visit and given me very simple and effective treatment around 7:30 PM and asked me to take rest. He told me “You will be alright by tomorrow. Go and take rest”. I didn’t believe it.

Guess what next day morning I got up late around 11 AM and I realized my back pain reduced significantly. I was able to walk and move without any major back pain.”

– Giri S.

“Dr. Sarabi is a meticulous practitioner who is very good at diagnosing and treating. He is a hands on person. so he can tell you what is going on and get good results. He did an excellent job diagnosing and treating my shoulder injury and I got speedy results.”

– Linda M.